Freeze... maybe? not sure lots of info etc


May 26, 2011
Hi there! I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so I thought i'd go ahead and try here, as it seems that this is my best bet. I'll post my specs below @ the end. Anyway, I am running into a recurring issue that only happens when playing games etc. I'll describe the Scenario to the best of my abilities.

I turn the computer on. (duh) will watch youtube, read cracked, etc for about 2 hours or so (not everyday, but as an example). Everything works great, no issues whatsoever. Then I attempt to play Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft. The amount of time it takes varies greatly, but it's anywhere from 30 seconds in (When trying to play SC2) to seemingly never (League of Legends) to 15 minutes in (Minecraft); the game freezes. Not my whole computer, mind you. My mouse moves, I can Ctrl Alt Delete (however this sometimes is a bit... laggy, for a lack of a better word; sometimes it'll take a good bit of time to register) Following the C+A+D The game will once again run fine for a couple seconds, then will freeze again. Now I already did a complete reinstall of my drivers, but if you think that it would help to try once more, by all means, let me know.

Specs Below...

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2 Ghz (This is not unlocked; I am having trouble unlocking it with my current Mobo, as I am rather new at the whole process. Any insight towards that as well would be helpful =P)
Mobo: Biostar A880G+
RAM: (x2) Patriot 4gb Ram 1333 DDR2 (I think)
GPU: Geforce GTX 460 SE (this, but new, not re-certified
PSU: 650 W... something. well reviewed on newegg from what I remember however

I doubt the case will help honestly, so I won't bother posting it. The card has plenty of airflow, fans are not blocked, etc. Not sure what is causing the issue, and I've been trying to deal with it the last month or so (I tinker; i'm not a super genius when it comes to computers, but I can blunder along better than some)

Now comes to what *I* think the issue is, and you can feel free to make fun of me for this rather large error. This was my first build, and when I put the Mobo on, I may or may not have remembered to put the little screws in first, so the Mobo wouldn't make contact with the back of the case. (Hint; I did not remember) I realized my mistake about a week after; I can't say whether or not the problem was happening earlier than that; as sad as it is, I don't think I put a game on it before about a month or so ago (sad, considering I made it for that purpose)

anyway, thank you very much for reading this (if you did) I really look forward to any help everyone is able to provide. even if your suggestion is to just get a new ________.



Mar 16, 2010
I'm sure the screws have nothing to do with it.

My best recommendation to help troubleshoot this is to try and get another GPU in there to test this out, preferably another nvidia just to make it easier. Minecraft's not exactly a demanding game, so it shouldn't be doing this.

Now, the fact that it's doing this at different time intervals in different games could mean a few things.

1. Driver issues. Try installing an older set of drivers just to be sure (or if you're not up to date on your drivers, update them).

2. Your GPU's wonky. RMA it.

3. Maybe bad RAM? I doubt this would be the problem because otherwise your whole computer would freeze and crash.