Freeze problem with new gpu msigtx 560 ti hawk


Nov 29, 2010
Hey guys Recently i have upgraded my GPU from gtx460 to MSI gtx560 ti hawk and after installing this card..whenever i play any games within half an hour the screen freezes for about 15 to 20 seconds and the screen goes black and then back to normal happens after every 25 to 30 mins..

i Don't know what the problem is i have updated my GPU (280.26)and sound driver to latest and some essential updates..
and before installing this new card i make sure to uninstall all the previous drivers of nvidia and after that run driver sweeper to ensure full GPU driver removal..

and my GPU is not yet oc'ed it is running on factory oc'ed

My system specs are:
Windows 7 ultimate 32bit sp1
Intel i7 2600k
Asus P8P67 pro
Msi gtx560 ti hawk
Corsair vengeance ddr3 1600 4gb
Benq 3d led monitor 24"
full tower Zebronics invader atx with 6 fans
Corsair hx 850 PSU :confused2: :(
I have a similar problem and found some people claiming that its normally PSU or OC related. In gigabytes versions it seems normal since they have an unstable overclock and voltages must be increased.
I cant tell if that is the issue, but i guess ill try both reverting the drivers, as increasing the voltage.


Aug 20, 2011

Hi Navin,

U dont have to worry i have same card MSI gtx560 ti HAWK and temp when idle 30c-35c and 65c-70c load.. but ur
tems are bit higher if want to reduce vantilation is must..possible put some fans tems will reduce. I have ordred
a case fan will be installing soon and i am sure temps will reduce by 5c-7c..... :wahoo:

My Gig,

AMD phenom i x4 945@3.5Ghz
Kingston 4gb DDR3 ram @1333Mhz
MSI gtx 560ti HAWK
Cooler master elite 430 black edition with 2fans
Cooler master GX550...



Sep 6, 2011
Sounds like Driver problems. Play a game in windowed mode, and when it flashes black, look at the bottom right of the taskbar. If the Nvidia message pops up saying stuff about some kernel thing failing and recovering, install the prior released driver.

This happened to me and my Hawk (and the 230m in my laptop) and after switching drivers, it stopped. I have since reinstalled the latest drivers for my Hawk and haven't had the problem since.

If it ain't your temps killing your card, this should be it.