Jun 25, 2003
What would cause a computer to hang??? I'm working with a 2600 Athlon processor with 256 MB running at PC3200. I've concluded that I have sufficent memory and the cpu is up to par. I'm not running any visually intensive programs or mulitiple programs at once. Any ideas???

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Dec 10, 2003
I) you're a total newbie so you don't:go to tools in EI and delete files;you don't do disk cleanups,scandisks and defrags;you don't clean your registry or reinstall your OS;you never open your case and clean it out,so everything is filthy and overheating,especially the hard drive,CPU and GPU;you never remove installed programs you never use;you're playing a game at the wrong video settings;filthy optical drives.

II)Software and driver conflicts:your drivers are out of date or corrupted;you have incompatible running programs;incompatible video driver;a corrupted program file;Hardware driver conflicts:the software just is imcompatible with your machine.

III)Bad ISP-you'll be kicked off line often and sometimes your PC will just freeze=aol ,dsl or dial up.

IV)Bad Hardware:bad ram;mixed ram not compatible with each other;overheating cpu(check to see that its correctly seated and tightly seated;overheating HD or GPU;loose connections to the HD or GPU;a bad HD about to fail(maybe);a bad mobo;bad PSU.

V) Bad wiring in your house.

VI) Bad powerlines to your house.

VII) A bad power plant supplying corrupted power,power plunges and spikes=get a line interactive UPS rather than a stand by UPS.

IIX) Crashman's gremlins are messing with you.

IX)Spyware,adware,a virus,malware-damn all who make them.

I'm sure there are more;but that's all from me.


Mar 19, 2003
huh? All that stuff is useless

PSU -> Download mbm5 and check your voltages for stability

Overheating -> use mbm5 to check cpu chipst and or system temps

memory -> memtest86 (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>)

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