Question Freezes in all games even on an empty, fresh Windows installation with no other programmes installed.


Apr 27, 2017
Hi all,

I've been having this issue forever and even posted about it here a couple of months ago.

In short: I just have micro freezes every couple of seconds in every game, I feel it worst in CS:GO though. Sometimes you can see the fps drop to 40 from 500 but there are freezes even if you can't see them drop. And I've really tried almost everything to find out what it is and fix it but I've still not been able to.

Since I thought it was an overheating problem or CPU problem I got myself a new Ryzen 5600X and a new B550.
Sadly, that didn't help. So I got a brand new M.2 Samsung SSD and made a new Windows USB installer. I disconnected all other drives and practically made a whole new OS for gaming. I just noticed freezes pretty much instantly though.

Now, seen as this can no longer be a software problem and I've replaced all the most important parts of my PC I'm really lost!

On the other thread people were talking about it maybe being a power issue but like I said I've used this computer in 3 different buildings and 2 countries.
The only thing I can think of now is a bad PSU, bad RAM or a bad case, everything else has been replaced already.

If anybody has some new ideas I could try I would be really happy!