Question Freezing and porblems in a new ryzen 5 2400g build

Jun 16, 2019
I just made a ryzen 5 build and installed windows on it but the it freezes at any time and even gta san andreas lagging too much in it have 8 gb ram

Does this happening because of i does not installed the drivers or because of high temprature in cpu plzz help me what to do
I have psu of circle 400, a 8gb ram stick, a320m-s2h motherboard and no coolers in cabinate
One more thing there is only 4 pin power cable and 24 pin power cable from my psu there is 8 pin connecter in motherboard is this is the reason of freezing the pc and another thing when i was installing the heatsink on prossesor i pushed up fan back and put it back because it was not on right place but the thermal paste can be a problem i think plzz help
Well, two things that jump to me from what you said:

1.- You're lacking the 8pin connector, so your CPU may not be getting enough power.
2.- Double check the RAM timings, as APUs are really sensitive to it. Try and use a safe XMP profile and start from there.