Question Freezing/crashing PC with varying error codes, and intervals between freezing ?


Oct 17, 2013
A few days ago while I was playing DayZ my PC suddenly froze and I had to restart my computer by holding the power off button. After this I've had the issue of freezing and/or crashing with very varying intervals. Some times it freezes and I can see a frozen image on screen and sometimes my monitors turn black and the computer restarts itself. Early on I got varying BSoDs of where I would get varying errors with varying files/drivers being pointed out as the error. Now I haven't gotten any BSoDs in a while and it just freezes mostly.

The intervals between freezing are quite large. One time I could just barely log in to Windows and right after it would freeze and a bit later I could log in and play for like 2-3 hours and nothing happened.

The strange thing is that I've had my computer freeze in the BIOS as well, although it has only happened like 2 times after countless times of restarting. I've tried resetting the CMOS without any luck. I've also tried using only one RAM stick at a time and trying them in the different slots but no luck. I've also tried using the on board graphics and taking out my graphics card and no luck there either. I've checked my temps and they are fine. As for the CPU I haven't taken a look at it but I installed it just barely a year ago and I carefully looked for any bent pins back when I bought it as I bought it used and there was none so I don't think that would be the issue. I've also checked that the heatsink is properly tightened and also the screws on my motherboard.

I've also reinstalling Windows as well as unplugging my HDD that has been making some strange noises at times lately (Windows is not on my HDD). When I tried reinstalling Windows my computer would freeze during the installation process several times. I tried switching the SATA cable and afterwards I got through the installation and I could install programs and game for a while. I thought that was the issue until I left my computer on and came back to an unresponsive computer and the issue kept coming.

The strange thing is I've had several error codes on my MOBO (which is a Maximus VIII Ranger), the main one being A2 which I believe was some sort of hard drive error however I don't see why my computer would freeze in the BIOS if it is a harddrive issue. 04 is also a code I've had a few times. I've seen 55 a couple of times too. There could be more codes I've had but I can't remember them.

I've noticed that when I've moved my computer physically (as in moving the case) the computer would freeze. Today the computer was working fine and I was going to open up the side of the case to check something and when I did that the PC froze. One time I moved the case by pushing it a bit (not with any more force than to move it slowly a few centimeters) the computer froze as well. I am missing some screws and standoff screws on my MOBO as I didn't have all of them but my MOBO does not touch the case at all and I´ve ran it like this with no issues for a year almost.

I'm out of ideas other than maybe replacing my PSU which is probably like 10-11 years old at this point. I have bought a new PSU but I want to try everything else first as I'm pretty poor so if it turns out the issue is something else I can still return it.
Very grateful for any tips on what could be the issue.

ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger
Intel Core i7-7700
2x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz 8GB
Kingston A400 128GB SSD (Which Windows is on)
Some Seagate 1TB HDD
Corsair TX650W