Question Freezing, frame drops and stuttering when joining online lobbies or when someone joins my lobby

Sep 28, 2020
So, i built a brand new pc with those specs:

Gigabyte gtx 1650 super windforce oc

Ryzen 5 2600

HyperX Fury 2x8Gb RAM

Gigabyte DS3H motherboard

Gigabyte P650M PSU

WD Blue SSD 500GB

MX330 Case

Phillips monitor

So, from the very first day i built it i noticed that EVERY multiplayer game i play stutters, frames are dropping and the game freezes the first minutes while the game loads the other players, i wouldnt complain if i wasnt the only one, MY BROTHER has a pc right next to mine and doesnt have any issues AT ALL, and he has WORSE specs than mine, so, everything i did was telling me that i dont have any issues and everything runs as expected, well not, cuz i watched reviews of the R5 2600 + GTX 1650 SUPER and they were running smoothly and didnt have any issues at all

And also, i have small stutters in offline games too but the online games ARE HELL

These are the things i did and made no difference AT ALL:

LatencyMon showed no issues

UserBenchmark was showing me that my system runs as expected (My brother has worse results but runs EVERYTHING SMOOTHLY)

I tried setting the game affinity without the first CPU 0 and without Multithreading

I tried setting XMP, disabling HPET from both bios and system

I had an hdd which performed with those stutters and freezes

I tried removing any unnecessary accesories from usb ports and running only with mouse and keyboard

I tried scanning with AVAST, MalwareBytes and Windows Defender, no one showed any issues

I did 2 fresh installs of Windows 10 from my usb and 1 reinstall from the Windows 10 Settings

I tried overclocking my GPU

I have disabled every startup app

I tried clean boot which didnt remove even the offline game stutters

I did CPU-Z cpu stress test which showed that its performing as expected

I tried updating my Audio driver but it was up to date already, i have 2 audio drivers but both of them are up to date

I tried updating my GPU drivers but it made the things even worse

I tried installing chipset drivers

I tried using game boosters

My RAM was never full and never fills up to full for some reason

I tried Empty Standby List and ISLC and timer resolutions

My startup config has all CPUs enabled

I tried doing SFC, scanning for corrupted system files

I tried registry cleaner from CCleaner

I tried doing a fresh install and installing only Chrome, Steam and CSGO but it still was stuttering and freezing the same way

I tried resetting the BIOS settings

I tried changing power plans

The only thing that made a slight difference is Process Lasso with its ProBalance mode but its definitely not the CPU, i think...

NOTES: Ive updated my BIOS, Temperatures of CPU never went above 60°, GPU stays at 70°

Games ive played:

CSGO, Human: Fall Flat, Paladins, BorderLands2, GTA V Online

Im suffering for more than 2 months, PLEASE HELP ME!
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