Question Freezing issues with new PC

Dec 17, 2019
After finally getting past my initial issue where my system would not boot (
which was due to a defective video card, I put in my old video card while I wait for a replacement for the defective one. My old video card is a GeForce 660 ti - yes, old.. but I wanted to get windows installed and my system up and running for when the replacement comes in.

After installing windows 10 from USB, I am experiencing constant freezing. even just moving the mouse or opening the start menu will cause a freeze for about 7-8 seconds, then a black screen, then returns to my desktop to only happen again 5-10 seconds later. This just repeats.

I was able to get the latest video card drivers, update windows and restart and I am still experiencing this.

my build with current card:

the defective card was a 5700XT red devil, for reference.

has anyone experienced these issues or have an idea what the problem could be? Could it be a RAM issue? I have my RAM in the 2 and 4 slots.