Question Freezing on startup after a fresh Windows 10 install ?

Aug 21, 2022
So I recently replaced my motherboard due to the pins being bent in the old one. Then I ran into the issue of an infinite loading screen after BIOS. After cleaning my drive through command prompt and completing a fresh install of windows 10 through a USB flash drive the computer restarts and now freezes on the loading screen with a big ASUS at the top.
It freezes the loading circle of dots in place, I've waited at this screen for an hour with no change.

Some things I've tried so far:

  • I’ve checked all my connections and installed the latest BIOS for my motherboard. I've also gone back to the previous BIOS version.
  • I've also unplugged all USB devices on startup as well as all unnecessary peripherals.
  • I've also tried installing windows fresh again 6 times, 3 of those from the official Microsoft USB downloader and 3 from rufus.
  • I've run 2 passes of memtest86 with 0 errors on either pass.I've tried both my ram sticks in both slots alone.
  • I've scoured my BIOS changing startup settings such as disabling fast startup and turning off legacy mode entirely.
  • Ran seatools tests on M.2 SSD, it passes all of them and I've replaced the SSD, has no effect
  • Taken out GPU and ran with internal graphics
Thinking at this point it must be a hardware issue, my PSU is 8 years old and everything else is relatively new (within 2 years) so I don't really know what the issue could be.
Additionally here is a video of the full startup sequence up to crash point:

Full part list:
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