Question Freezing when installing Windows 10 on a just built PC, and getting "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" BSOD ?

Jun 16, 2022

Z390 Pro motherboard,

9700k CPU,

16x2 GSKill 3600mhz RAM,

RTX 3070 GPU,


Hi! I helped a friend build his PC over Discord( I know.. it was an interesting experience ) and I made sure to show him all the precatuions and safety steps for not messing up the parts, and for his first time it looks really good! I watched every move he made and I honestly don't see anything wrong with how the system is built.

Unfortunately we're having a mirade of issues. For starters we wasn't able to make it to the windows installation manager without a BSOD with the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR being the cause.

After a lot of searching we found it could be unstable CPU voltage, drivers, hardware, etc..

We've disabled most dynamic CPU settings, set the voltage to 1.25 and was able to install windows! When we was prompted to restart the PC, it froze on the next boot.

After trying to figure out what was causing the freeze, we turned on MSI Fast Boot and was able to make it to the recovery screen. Unfortunately when we get to this screen, we cannot interact with the options at all.

Afterwards we decided it could be a hardware issue, even with all the componets showing in the BIOS with all the right information, but still went ahead and changed out the RAM. Sadly this didn't work and reset the BIOS completely and was back to getting the BSOD WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR . Changing the settings back to how I described them before, was getting us to a "Your PC/Device needs repaired" screen that we couldn't interact with, I don't know if this means the OS or the Hardware, and honestly my knowledge of computers reached it's limit. If anyone has any ideas or tips that we could try, please let me know. This is my friends first PC and it's been a horrible experience for him.