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Question Frequent Blue Screens

Jun 20, 2020
Recently I have built a new computer. This computer has an i9 9900k, Asus z390a, and a EVGA GeForce 2070 Super. Shortly after I built it, I was having some frequent blue screens. They would usually occur in two day increments; one day it would be fine, and the next I would get a couple of blue screens. Not knowing what to do, I assumed it was some sort of driver issue. I updated the drivers and the blue screening did not stop. Keep in mind the blue screens did not happen right after a previous one, it would usually take a while for it to happen again. Eventually, I had enough. I decided to swap out the 2070 and put in my old 1080 from my previous build. I have now been using the computer with a 1080 installed for about 4 days and can say I have had 0 issues with it and absolutely no blue screens. This is really concerning because I have been waiting to use this new build for once and if it is a hardware issue I will be disappointing. What should I do? Is there a specific way I can troubleshoot to know what is really going on? How do I know if it is a hardware issue or not? I would appreciate all the help I can get as this has been really stressing me out over the past couple weeks. Thank you.