Question Frequent BSOD, Memtest86 passes and fails depending on slot config (read thread)

Dec 23, 2019
R5 2600 no OC
1660ti OC Tweak II performance OC
16GB (2x8) T-Force Vulcan DDR4 3000MHz
Windows 10 Home Edition on SSD 60GB
750w corsair bronze+

Frequent bsods, can be fine for a week then crash 10 times in 1 day, completely random.
Either bsods, screen freezes, or screen turns black and pc restarts. it can happen in safemode and windows troubleshoot mode
Error codes are random varying between these: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, MEMORY MANAGEMENT, (something)_PAGE_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, ect.
Almost every time it is caused by the system driver ntoskrnl.exe, occasionally caused by Ntfs.sys.
I have checked, double checked, reinstalled, updated every possible driver i could possibly find without using any driver tools ect. to no avail.
I'm 100% certain it isn't a driver error at this point.
I have replaced the graphics card (old 1060 3gb) PSU, case now has better cooling
I have reinstalled windows 3 times with the installer from the official windows website, nothing different about my installation from any other normal PC
I have updated BIOS, updated firmware and drivers on all components.

I looked into Memtest86 and ran several tests over the last few days, lets assign some names to my ram and mobo.
STICK 1 and STICK 2 for the 2 8GB sticks i have
SLOT 1 and SLOT 2, randomly assigned to the 2 slots i have on my mobo
now heres the results, all tests i did were the full 4 runthroughs.

STICK 1 passes in SLOT 1
STICK 1 passes in SLOT 2
STICK 2 passes in SLOT 1
STICK 2 passes in SLOT 2

STICK 1 and STICK 2 pass, STICK 1 in SLOT 1, STICK 2 in SLOT 2

STICK 1 and STICK 2 ran into more than 300+ errors in TEST #3 of the first run, STICK 1 in SLOT 2, STICK 2 in SLOT 1
remember the sticks are both the same

Unfortunately i dont know how to get the logs for these memtests, But this leads me to beilieve this is a problem with the mobo.

After the tests i ran windows with just 1 8GB stick in, i tried both sticks in both slots and ran into no errors. I only seem to have problems when i try to use both sticks at the same time
before this, windows bsods regardless the configuration of the ram and the slots, as long as there was 2 in there it had problems

So waddya think? i can send a picture of the memtest error text if needed. ask me for anything else as well.
Dec 23, 2019
Model TLZGD48G3000HC16C01

Memory modules sold as singles have no guarantee to be compatible together if used in multiples.

Since you don't list a part number or link to memory you are using, I would not know what you have.

It also appears you are not following the motherboard manufacturers instructions on which two are the correct DIMM slots to install two memory modules in.
Thats not the right RAM, it came as a kit of 2 so i'm pretty sure they should work together. There is also only 2 DIMM slots on the mobo. Heres a pcpartpicker list of everything: