Question Frequent BSODs after switching to 5700 and back to 1060

Dec 5, 2019
Short story: after upgrading to 5700 from 1060 I started having BSODS. Switching back to 1060 (to the same drivers and uninstalling Radeon drivers) changed nothing, I still get loads of BSODS.

Long story: So I had Ryzen 5 1600 on MSI B350M-PRO motherboard with Geforce 1060 3GB and Kingston HyperX 24GB-2400 memory + PSU 600w Chieftech. It was working fine for a year since I got it.
Then I upgraded to Ryzen 5 3600, updated bios on the MB, changed memory to 16GB-3200, and for 2 months it was still working perfectly fine. No a singe BSOD.
Then I switched from ASUS Geforce 1060 3GB to Radeon Sapphire 5700 Pulse. The first day it was fine. I installed 19.9.2 drivers (not the latest, but recommended) and tested RDR2 on it, it was 56 fps on ultra instead of some 61 I saw in one online test (exactly same settings), but other than that I dont remember any problems or Bsods (maybe there was some random one). It should also be noted I didn't even uninstall the Geforce drivers, and it still worked fine.
Then the next day I decided to switch to new 19.12.1 radeon drivers and hell broke loose. First I deleted all drivers (geforce and radeon), installed new ones and I started to experience BSODS around every 10-60 minutes. I tried different versions of radeon drivers, unistalling with AMD Cleanup Utility and Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to no effect.
Then I went back to Geforce 1060, with exactly the same drivers before BSODS started (totally purged Radeon drivers from the system), but I am still having BSODS arond every 10-60 minutes. I've run out of ideas of what to do next besides reinstalling Windows, but that would take around one day to set everything up properly, and before weekend is not an option.

So the BSODS (usually blue ones, but occacionally there are black ones as well) I'm having usually have the following errors:
there might have been others as well. There is absolutely no pattern in where the BSODS can show up, in games (I practically stopped doing after the bsods started), in browser, watching videos.

If anyone has ideas on what is going on, I would appreciate to hear those. Thanks.

p.s. windows 10 is fully updated, no overclocking. I also tryed everything in this article
but to no effect. Temperatures are all in low-medium range. Memory test shows no problems. Hard disks (2 sata and one SSD) show they are fine in CrystalDiskInfo.
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