Frequent Disconnects - Not ISP related. Windows 7/Motherboard error...


Mar 30, 2010
Hey everyone.

I've been getting disconnects every 5-10 minutes, they last for about 30 seconds until it reconnects. I've been disabling and "troubleshooting" the network adapter in advanced settings to get it back up quickly.

It's been happening randomly for 5 months. It has been fine for the past month until today.

My ISP (Mediacom) says my levels are fine, and I've had 4-5 technicians come out recently.

I had a buddy bring his laptop over and it seems its only me having the issue. (Localized to my computer, or at least wired connections)

I've used MULTIPLE combinations of modem/routers, and I've used multiple NIC cards, and multiple ethernet cables.

My ISP is currently monitoring the connection to see what the cause is...but I'm not very sure they will fix it.

My motherboard is an MSI 790XT-G45, and I just updated the Realtek drivers.
You’ve certainly make numerous hardware changes, but the one constant is the OS. Try booting a live Linux distribution like Ubuntu, see if the problem goes away. If it does, then that suggests it is indeed the OS (drivers, IRQ conflicts, etc.).