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Question Frequent internet issues at all times - will rerouting help me here? How would I accomplish that?

Apr 7, 2020
Recently I have been having lots of issues with my home internet (high ping, slow speeds, packet loss), and I suspect it might be because of the clusters that my ISP is routing my traffic through - I am routinely getting issues with them.
https://pastebin.com/Uk8e2VwV - my tracert to google.com
Would asking my ISP to reroute my traffic help? How would I fix this?
I agree try to disable ipv6 and see if there is any difference. Even though you see everyone jumping up and down that ipv6 is the future for the last 20 years the ISP do not seem to actually be making it their priority. IPv6 many times has worse paths though the internet.

The ISP will pretty much just laugh at you for even thinking to suggest they can reroute your traffic. Even if you were a huge company with your own public IP blocks you are very limited in your ability to affect the path data takes.