Frequent Packet Loss

Jun 4, 2018
Recently I've been having massive packet loss something subtle amount but it was never like this in the past. Not sure what happened to cause this issue and now I'm having hard time to keep up with my games.

I'm using Wireless USB. After 3 months I'm having this issue. In the past, my PC had unexpected shutdowns due to the electricity cut off because of the nearby construction and I'm thinking this could be a possible reason. My modem and router is close , no more than 2 meters and ofcourse door is opened always.
Start by testing for packet loss to your default gateway (router IP address). If you experience PL, it's something to do with the wifi or local setup.

Then suggest you "ping -n 20 [DNS server IP]" (e.g. "ping -n 20") on several DNS servers. Try the GRC DNS tool to see if your own DNS server(s) are behaving, and look at alternatives.

Assuming you still get issues, look at pinging your ISP's gateway. You can get this usually as the first hop after your default gateway in a tracert to any website. Some ISP gateways won't respond to pings though.

Assuming no PL to any of these, the PL is outwith your control, and all you can do is take it up with your ISP, and explain the tests so far.


As another suggestion:

Before doing anything, check your wireless USB adapter. Determine if it feels to be room temperature, warm, hot, really hot.

Then game. While gaming keep checking/feeling your wireless USB adapter. Do so carefully.

It may become very hot. If so then it has probably reached EOL (End of Life) and will need to be replaced.

Those adapters are made as cheaply as possible and are likely to fail very quickly.