Question Frequent Restart on Boot


Jul 25, 2015
Hi, I'll try and keep this brief.

For almost 2 months, if not longer, if my pc is unplugged, or the switch on the psu is off, it will restart when i press the on button. For example. If its unplugged, and i plug it back in and press ON, it will always come on, spin for a few seconds, shut down abruptly, restart itself and boot normally. It does this every single time the power is cut, without fail. Normal shutdowns do not reproduce this effect unless left off for 5+ hours, maybe more. So its a cold boot? problem i think.

me being an idiot, i ignored this. My C: drive died yesterday and i lost a lot of my personal data. I wasn't backing it up. When googling how to fix it, i realised a common symptom of SSD or drive failure was the issue that im asking for help with. However, this drive was 5 years old, the oldest in the system. In the last year, every single part of my pc, including case, fans and wires were replaced with brand new components except two drives.

Now that the ssd is gone (removed from the system), I've got a new drive. The problem STILL persists. Even when i was testing to see if the drive was really dead, the pc would restart itself on boot without a bootable drive in it.

Another thing... since i got my 3080, my back case fan has decided to rattle uncontrollably on startup for several minutes, sometimes it wont actually go away until i lightly tap behind it and it will stop. This is because something is causes the fan to speed up to ridiculous levels for a long time. Im not sure if this is related, but some of you smarter people might be able to see connections there.

The oldest component in my pc now, is a hard drive which is 4+ years old. Everything else is less than 2 years, some of it even less than 1 year.

I have:
RTX 3080 FE
16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB
(dont hate me) CX 750F RGB PSU (less than 6 months old)
and an Asus motherboard that i cannot identify, but will do my best to provide it if needed.

1TB Samsung 860 QVO (new today)
1TB Samsung 870 QVO (couple months old)
1TB WD Blue hard drive (4+ years old)
480GB SanDisk SSD PLUS (2 ish years old)

Thanks for taking time to read this issue


that PSU is something I'd not buy, not with the sort of hardware it's needing to power up. When you state, got, what GPU did you have prior to the RTX3080? You will need to identify your Asus motherboard's model for the life of your system...literally. You can use CPU-Z to help you identify the motherboard's model and BISO version. Parse an image /screenshot after you've hosted the image on Imgur.