Question Frequent router connection drops on my vdsl broadband connection ?

Jan 14, 2021
My dlink/beetel router (airtel vdsl 40mbps broadband) keeps dropping connection.
The router logs are as below, and the same thing repeats every 10-15mins.

Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 66 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1010
Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 67 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1011
Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 68 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2401:4900:50:9::8
Thu Jan 14 0:53:8 2021 69 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2401:4900:50:9::9
Thu Jan 14 0:55:6 2021 70 system Port 5 link down
Thu Jan 14 0:55:11 2021 71 system ppp2: link terminated
Thu Jan 14 0:57:16 2021 72 system Port 5 link up
Thu Jan 14 0:57:16 2021 73 system ppp2: link established
Thu Jan 14 0:57:16 2021 74 system ppp2: IP-up
Thu Jan 14 0:57:16 2021 75 system ppp2: update DDNS

Thu Jan 14 0:57:21 2021 76 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1010
Thu Jan 14 0:57:21 2021 77 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2404:a800:0:14::1:1011
Thu Jan 14 0:57:21 2021 78 system pppoe2:dnsv6 server 2401:4900:50:9::8

Router restarts(Internet light goes off, dsl light starts blinking to set up connection again) randomly every 15-20mins, but only when I'm on a particular website ( Its an online game.
It sounds strange to me that a website can cause router restarts, but I've tried everything.
Solutions tried:
Had technician check the line several times with help of their support team, but they couldn't find anything from their side

Removed digital splitter from connection, to ignore phone line, with direct line to router
Replaced power adapter/plug

Replaced router from D-Link to beetel
Tried using ethernet/lan cable

Disconnected all other devices, but still issue occurs
Issue occurs only during the part of the day when I'm spending hours on
But, many other people play that game too, so it cant be a server side issue for the game.

If any one could give any idea what could be the possible reason, or how can I know if that particular website is affecting the router , please do tell me
(maybe its generating too much load? But I dont face any issue with Fhd streaming.)

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Dec 12, 2020
My best guess is actually from the very last line of bolded text you included.. using a Dynamic DNS server, it might either be using the same port or whenever the device that's updating to the DDNS server, either a computer or router, the refresh time is enough to be seen as a connection drop by that website. Streaming videos(I'm guessing Fhd is Full HD video) it likely loads enough of the video ahead of time to where you don't notice the brief interrupt during the update.

TL;DR I use remote desktop with a DDNS server, and it updates exactly every fifteen minutes. If it's not you that's set it up, it may be on the PC or on the modem/router's configuration page.
Dec 12, 2020
Just saw that you've replaced your router and everything. Check your computer for DDNS software, the fifteen minute intervals and your log entry line up exactly with the timing of an update to a DDNS service.
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Mar 5, 2021
We were having a similar issue with our 777VR1 Airtel 40 mbps router based connection. The connection would temporarily drop for 2-3 minutes multiple times a day. The router logs showed messages like:-

Port 5 link down
Port 6 link down
ppp2: link terminated
Port 5 link up
Port 6 link up
ppp2: link established
ppp2: IP-up: Gateway= mask=
Replacing cables and router didn't help. Finally, the Airtel technicians had to do some port related tweaks on their Gurgaon based server. That resolved the issue. Unfortunately, I don't really know what were those tweaks exactly. Check with them as they are ones that need to look into it.

Good Luck!