Question Frequent T3 timeouts throughout the day?


Aug 13, 2017
For about 6 months now my modem has been experiencing T3 timeouts. They last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours and almost always happen between the hours of 10-12 am in the morning, the connection will stay relatively stable throughout the afternoon (I sometimes get T3 timeouts during this period as well) and again between the hours of 10-12 pm in the evening. This happens every single day and it's unbearable at times. During the time of disruptions, the connection and speeds are just fine for ~15 seconds and then the connection drops, usually for ~10 seconds . This cycles back and forth for 2 hours at most.

Ping requests from the cmd usually show 3 consecutive "request timed out" messages before picking back up. My upstream power levels are generally between 26-29 dBmV but can randomly shoot up to about 49 for a quick second when the connection drops. My coax cable and modem are about 10 years old and have definitely ran their course. With this being said, I still couldn't identify any physical damage to the coax just by looking at it and the modem also looks fine. There's only one splitter on the line. Should I maybe call a tech to come change the whole coax line and the splitter? Could this be an issue that is outside my home? I am in desperate need of help.
I have a Thomson THG540 cable modem.

Those are really common messages. It does not mean the connection went down. it is pretty much a form of ping from the modem. You have very few over a couple of days time it is unlikely these are the cause of your issues.

The DHCP ones are more of a concern but it is hard to say if they actually cause a outage. DHCP tries to refresh the ip address well before it expires so it can attempt it multiple times.

If you really suspect a issue with the connection to the ISP it is more likely a modem problem than a cable problem in this case. You would have consistently poor DB levels if the cables were bad. Random stuff tends to be electronics