Question Fresh build Ryzen 2700x @ 1.45+V and 4.2+ clock???

Jun 20, 2019
Computer is only a couple days old and haven't had much time to do anything with it yet aside from install all drivers, a few games and hardware monitoring stuff to check things out.
But what has caught my eye is that my CPU seems to be running balls to the walls at all times. All bio's settings are auto and untouched except for the memory DOCP profile to get my 3200mhz. Thinking this might have been the cause i went back to default auto for my memory and the CPU is still going hard. Trying to find out if this is remotely normal and why this is happening and how to fix it. Uploading a few screenshots to help out. I'm still sort of a newbie and don't really know if this is cause for alarm.

System specs
CPU: Ryzen 2700x
Motherboard: Asus x470 rog strix gaming
Ram: 2x8 G.SKILL TridentZ RGB @3200 (the cl14 variant)
Hard drive: Adata 8200 nvme ssd
GPU: evga ftw3 RTX 2080
PSU: corsair 750W gold
Chassis: coolermaster h500p mesh
Well.. that's about normal for single-core boost clock, but it's not normal to be like that ALL the time. Actually, mine hangs around 3.95GHz most of the time because that's where it boosts on all-cores, but will boost up around 4.3GHz in short spurts.

My voltage is high like that also. I even had to set a negative voltage offset to keep it from going above 1.5V at times.


Jun 11, 2019
I have the same CPU as you and at idle in Windows it used to show it hovering around 4000 MHZ as it has the 40.0 multiplier.
To get it to idle and almost half the MHZ I use Windows Power settings - Power Saver profile.
It then goes down to 2200 MHZ if nothing else is running & consequently slows the fan right down.

If you do use this method go into the advanced settings of it to adjust things like HDD off/on , screen off after 10 mintes etc to suit your needs as by default it shuts a lot of things down including USB ports and the monitor display after a while.

Just remember to go back to Balanced power plan for normal use especially gaming otherwise the CPU is eavily throttled.
No need to use the High Performance plan for gaming as the Ryzen series are excellent at adapting to the demands placed on them.
I have benchmarked the Balanced & Performance modes during gaming and Performance does not exceed Balanced.
It does keep the CPU at peak power and voltages constantly though which just consumes more electricity and works the CPU harder.
If you had any games where you had a CPU spike causing performance issues then you could try Performance mode.

Interestingly I tried the Power Saver profile to run Battlefield V and GTA V.
Battlefield ran fine as my GFX card is an RTX 2070 but GTA V stuttered.
It shows which games are CPU/GPU dependent.