Question Fresh built pc was working great but is now failing

Mar 29, 2019
Hi all. Specs as follows:

i7 9700k
Asus prime 390-a
Gigabyte Rtx 2070
Samsung 970 evo m.2
1tb SanDisk ssd (currently failed)
X2 8gb Corsair vengeance ram
EVGA 750 gold rated 80+ psu
Nzxt h700 case
Nzxt kraken 62 cooler
This is my first post here so I hope I don’t sound dumb but I’ve got an issue. I just finished my pc two nights and and everything was working great! But then today, I got home from work and fired it up. I got a black screen and system error stating that my hard drive is in danger of failing and I needed to back it up. So, I went through a few troubling shooting tips (none of which fixed the issue) and then decided “okay, I’ll remove the ssd and redo my whole os installation on my m.2 drive. Everything went well and I installed windows 10. I was at my home screen installing my motherboard driver and after that was completeled my pc needed to restart. Once restarting, I get a black screen with my mouse but that’s it. I can’t ctrl alt del or ctrl alt esc to pull anything up but I can boot to the bios. I’m not sure what the issue is here but it’s been really frustrating. Anything ideas on the potential issue? I’ve tried powering down, I’ve checked my mb bios boot options but nothing seems to help.