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[SOLVED] Fresh Installation of Windows 10

May 30, 2020
Hello, so I recently upgraded both my cpu and mobo from a i5 6600k and an msi b250m gaming pro to a ryzen 5 3600x and an msi mpg x570 gaming pro. I secure erased my ssd from the new bios to do a fresh install of windows 10, at first I used a 32 gb flash drive (brand new btw) and used the windows installation media to try and install from the usb. I booted from the usb and after several attempts of installing from the usb, I got nothing but errors each time during the installation. Many different errors such as, I didn't have the required files, memory management, or service exception occured while the installation was taking place. So I then put the iso file from the windows installation media onto the flash drive using rufus, but the same exact thing occured. When previously installing windows while I had the b250m gaming pro mobo, the usb installation didn't work, but when I tried installing from a dvd, it worked. So I tried the same with this mobo, but got the same errors that I previously got with the usb installation. I have ran a memory diagnostic test, nothing was wrong with my RAM, I tried to install windows on one of my empty hdd's instead of my ssd, I got the same errors as before, I have switched usb ports, same errors as before, and like I said, this flash drive is brand new. The bios for the mobo loads correctly, but I have not updated it because it is supposed to work right out the box with my cpu, so I don't know if that could affect it in any way, sata mode is in AHCI and under the windows os configuration tab, the mode is set to UEFI as recommended by msi and the boot mode is UEFI. I have no clue as to what to do at this point, what should I do?


Win 10 Master
Update the bios, just in case.
BSOD during install could mean hardware fault.
What memory diagnostic? Try running memtest86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 4 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors. Memtest is created as a bootable USB so that you don’t need windows to run it

Is the ram on the motherboard listing?
What is the serial numbers on the ram? Ryzen likes ram that is tested on board