Question Fresh installation of Windows, now blackscreen at bootup ?

Feb 17, 2023
Hello! have just reinstalled Windows and have had a problem that at start-up I don't get a signal to the screen until after about 3-4 min. Then I get a black screen with the text "All settings were reset to default values." press F1 etc.

Googled around a bit and what I can see is that I should replace the battery on the motherboard and/or go into the BIOS and reset the settings, I have done both without any result. I'm not very knowledgeable so it's very difficult to troubleshoot, I assume some component is starting to go bad ?

GPU: GTX 1070
Motherboard: MSI Z97M Gaming
CPU: i7 4790K
Ram: 16GB 1600mHz

Thanks for all the help!