Question Fresh PC build read the first SSD that was plugged into it but will not read any other drive of any type.


Feb 15, 2016
So, as the title states, I have just built a new PC for a friend. Here are the specs.

Asus z170-E
6700k i7
24gb ram
(2x8 corsair, 2x4 gskill)
RTX 2060
1 512gb Samsung SSD 860 (sata) - this drive read right away and i was able to put windows on it and everything is running as it should
1 512gb Sandisk ultra 3d SSD (sata) - this is the drive in question. its brand new.
EVGA 850W power supply.

When I first hooked the PC up, I had a HDD and the Samsung SSD hooked up. It read the SSD right off the bat but did not read the HDD. I just pressed on, as I wanted the OS on the SSD anyways. So, now here I am. Computer is 100% complete, and my buddy sends me another SSD to install. Mind you, the Samsung SSD was brand new fresh out the box, and so is the Sandisk. The only drive not fresh was the HDD, but I'm not using that for this build anymore.

Some troubleshooting I've done: changed sata cables, changed sata power cables, flip-flopped drive locations between their cables (samsung to 1-2, sandisk to 2-1), plugged into every single sata port on the motherboard, (when I move the Samsung, the bios follows it to its respective sata ports) I've moved the sata power between all 4 that are on the cable, moved the sata power around between the "peripheral" and "sata" options on the back of the PSU, When I plug the Samsung in the PC works fine, when I unplug the Samsung and plug the Sandisk in right where the Samsung just was, it doesn't even show up on the bios. The Sandisk Software doesn't read it either. So I'm literally at a loss for words at this point because I really don't know what else I really can do.

I'd really like to hand this PC over soon with everything working at 100%, so if anyone has any ideas of what I could do different or what could potentially be the issue, please let me know. I'm all ears. (and eyes🤓)

Thanks in advance,