Question Fresh Windows 10 Install Stuck at "Getting Ready" on Laptop from USB Install


Jun 3, 2009
I am trying to fix a family members Laptop. It was running win10 and she said it just turned off and wouldn't turn back on. I tried a BUNCH of things to get the Laptop back working but the main problem seemed to be that the folder for the "Boot" in win32 was gone. It wouldn't boot at all either and would fail it's automatic repair. It would fail to do a System Restore too. Things looked pretty bleak in that regard.

So I downloaded the Microsoft tool to just reinstall windows 10. I installed it. Took about 45 min-ish to install and do it's thing. Now for the past 45min the Laptop has just been stuck on a black Samsung logo screen with a little rotating white circle of dots saying "Getting Ready"???

Did I need to do something else? Does it just take that long?

My family member said that viewing webpages and doing anything was "really slow" a couple days prior to the laptop just ceasing to power on.

Update: Computer now is stuck in a boot loop with a white box that pops up saying:
The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows Installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.

I click "OK", it restarts and loops right back into this message???

OF COURSE this had to happen days before she goes on a 2 week trip to visit a family member and needs this with her.
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