Question Freshly Built PC now wont boot after windows update


Jan 20, 2016
Built a PC 2 days ago,
this is the list of parts.

Everything went smoothly, installed windows from a USB drive, it booted, played some games, gave it a few ON/OFF cycles. Then today my dad was playing on it, we turned it off, got food and when we turned it back on it started a windows update. Great.

After the update finished it would not boot anymore, it would come on, post the windows spinning circle came up and then froze and it rebooted, It tried rebooting 3 times before the CPU and DRAM led was blinking back and forth.

So far I swapped ram slots, tried different ram, tried a different gpu, reseated the cpu and checked pins; i did notice tiny residue of thermal paste on about 6 pins, not sure if that can effect it 2 days later, I also updated the Bios to the newest version, I have tried to reinstall windows but the process only got to 54% or so before rebooting and flashing the same led lights
here is the video of windows failing and the LED's flashing
check your motherboard manual and online documentation for what the certain LED error flashes or codes represent.

check the memory with Memtest86.
check the disk either in another system or with a bootable CHKDSK or other disk analyzing software.