Freshly installed OS on SSD scans and repairs drive on every startup

Oct 17, 2018
Hello everyone! New to the forum. Title is TL;DR.
Edit: Sorry to post this in WIndows 8 forum.

I recently got a Kingston A400 12GB and I installed Win 10 on it but it turns out I now have 2 OS. So I manually booted ionto my SSD's OS and then formatted the drive that had previously installed OS (on one of my 3 HDDs) And the issue is my OS "scans and repairs drive :)// XXXXXX) where XXX is replaced by a mixture of random long string of letters and numbers. It gets over in like a couple of seconds and the OS boots normally after that.

I know SSDs are way faster than hard drives when it comes to boot timings but mine still takes the same time as my HDD did.

I initially had my OS in my WD 500GB, then shifted it to my WD 2TB, and now on SSD. When I first tried to freshly reinstall my OS on one of the partitions of my 500GB drive, it did not allow me to due to some reasons so I installed it in my 2TB drive's partition and it worked smooth. Now I installed using the same USB that I used before but this time I installed OS directly on my SSD without deleting the previous one so I ended up with two OSs. I manually booted into my SSD, completed the setup and formatted the previous OS partition. Restarted to face many errors. I could not boot in my SSD automatically so I tried editing the boot priority list but there was no SSD in the list. Only 2 of my 3 HDDs were present the 500GB and 2TB which had both OS installed in the past. After several reinstalls I finally unallocaterd my SSD and installed directly in it, which gave me a message "windows will create a small partition in order to work things around correctly" something like this, plugged out all my HDDs and the OS boooted automaticallly. But now it scans and repairs drive everytime I start my PC. Maybe this is affecting my boot time? The SSD is brand new.

Also, if this matters: The boot priority list now had 2TB drive and finally the SSD as well. But in BIOS it shows 1. Windows Boot Partition (WDC WD20EZRZ00Z5HB0) and 2. Kingston SA400S37120G. I guess the SSD should be the one with Windows Boot Partiton label? Maybe that's what my OS is trying to repair? It's "Boot Manager"?

Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2
8GB Ram
WD20EZRZ, WD10EZEX, WD5000AACS, Kingston A400
GTX 1050Ti
500W PSU
Windows 10 Pro.

Sorry if I sound silly.
Can you show screenshot from Disk Management?
Which drive is being scanned during boot?

Are you still using multiple installations of windows on your pc? In this case fast boot has to be disabled in bios (you'll face file system corruption and file system scans during boot, if you don't do this).



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