Fried mobo,psus, or gpu?

Jan 27, 2019
Let Me premise this with that we were having repeated power outages(lights out for 1-2 secs then back on) and my computer kept coming on and turning off while I slept I guess and it does this sometimes as the power comes off and on randomly around here but I dont know if that contributed to this problem.. I went to use my computer and when I clicked on the mouse it was off which is weird so I turned it on and the screen has the nastiest artifacts/tearing and I cant see anything when I move my mouse it goes away on that spot then back again. Weirdly on the Microsoft corporation screen it shows normally with nothing wrong but once it's off that it's back to being all crazy and I can still use the computer but barely and I cant change resolution.. so I went ahead and turned it off blew off dust(computer is super dusty inside) and changed the pci alot of the graphics card and nothing. I tried to disable it, delete and update drivers, power cycle and nothing.. is the graphics card dead? I just ordered a r580 in case If it is. But how could I know if its the mobo or the psu? Everything is working otherwise and showing up but just the graphics card and in the device manager it shows error 43. Its a GTX 760 its 6 years old by this point so you think it just croaked? My computer is super dusty and I never clean it(which I will do now so nothing else may possibly die) but could that be also what caused it? I hope it's not my psu or motherboard cause thats gonna be a bitch to swap out how can I decipher if it is? And I dont have integrated graphics so is the possibility of my GPU still showing up proof that it may be good? And could possibly a bad hdmi port cause this effect?

Amd fx8320
Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 motherboard
Evga NEX750b PSU
8gb of ram

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