[SOLVED] Fried motherboard can be repair?

Mar 3, 2021
Hi everyone
If anyone can help ?
My laptop charger was broken i tried to repaired it but the moment i plugged it my laptop it went off ( no lights is turning on ) and the charging lights is not turning on i sent it for repair and it was diagnosed that the motherboard was fried and the motherboard needs to be replaced . Can it be be fixed without changing the motherboard?? (Laptop model dell inspiron 5521)
Please help
You should buy a new motherboard instead of spending money on repairs. It will be repaired if someone you find is that good enough but at one point it will be fried again. So don't worry get a new one.
"Can it be be fixed without changing the motherboard?? "

Most likely it can only be fixed by someone who is very good at repairing motherboards...and even then...I think in most cases it's not worth doing because the money saved it is not worth the time spent.