Fried my motherboard?


Jan 6, 2018
So I just built my first computer today, everything seems or seemed to be working, it booted up the first time and the bios came up and went to the desktop home screen like it’s supposed to (I used my old hdd with windows already on it) only thing that wasn’t working was my case fans, my Strix gpu was also flashing red but my friend told me that’s because I have no drivers installed. Anyways. So after I made sure it all booted up I figured I’d solve my fan issue, I got my case fans to work just fine but In the process of figuring out what I had connected I turned my computer on and heard a pop and then everything stopped working.. anything I plug into the motherboard seems to get no power.. my razer mouse and keyboard has no lights that come on. When I start my computer now it’s fine for 20 seconds, then it restarts and stays on after that, my gpu, fans and aio seem to be working, but ever sense I heard that pop anything I plug into the mobo doesn’t get power and I get no display, and before someone says it’s my ram, when my computer booted up the first successful time the computer recognized my 16gb of ram and my 7700k aswell as my 1070, would really appreciate help. Not sure what to do.

My specs :

Case : nzxt s340 elite
Motherboard: asus z270a prime
Gpu: rog strix 1070ti
Psu: Corsair cmx 750w
Cooler: corsair h100i
CPU: i7 7700k