Question Friend 7800xt suddenly died


Aug 21, 2021
So a friend of mine bought a 7800xt to replace his 980ti. He had to update Windows 10 for the 7800xt to even be recognized by AMD. AMD Drivers wouldn't install. He updated Windows and bam it installed Drivers fine and everything was fine.

He went to run 3D Mark and got up to use the bathroom and came back and system was shut off.

Now the 7800xt wont POST and the 980ti works fine.

He also upgraded from a R7 1800x cpu to a R7 5800x cpu.

Everything tried so far.

New Power supply he bought a 1050 Gamemax from Amazon, I didn't know or I would have stopped him but it still will not POST with 7800xt in system. Nothing
He DDU drivers
He tried 7800xt in his wife's system and nothing but the 980ti works fine
He tried HDMI and Display Port both at different times.
He has 2 pcie cables running to gpu from psu
He updated AMD Drivers for CPU
He updated bios on Motherboard

Both CPU and GPU are brand new. I don't know the PSU before the GameMax or wattage. Gigabyte Gaming X B450, RAM is 3600 cl 16 Corsair I believe

He says the fans on GPU spin up but don't stay spinning also. The 7800xt
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i would definitely return the GameMax for a refund.

but almost all manufacturers put out some cheaply made / unreliable products, even a lot of the biggest names out there.
don't ever purchase something just because it has some popular label like Corsair or EVGA stamped upon it. both of these companies have released unreliable, and even dangerous, power supply models.
always make sure products are highly rated, have good warranties, and hopefully have been approved by known reviewers.
Now the 7800xt wont POST and the 980ti works fine
some hardware just malfunctions for no known reason though it may be rare for some of us.

what brand is the GPU?
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Aug 21, 2021
Thanks Everyone. I'm waiting to hear back from him. We don't live close so we are talking through Email. I think the GPU just died which is a real shame if true. It was brand new out of the box. Trying to find out make of card.
Sep 21, 2023
Same thing just happened to mine a day or two ago. I'm going to send it back, seems no solution resolves the issue