Question Friend cant connect to a hamachi minecraft server

Mar 28, 2020
I've recently made a Minecraft server and configured the IP using Hamachi.

I got a couple friends to join and play on the server, but one friend just can't seem to join. We are all using the latest version of Hamachi and are joined on the same network.

He had a problem where there were yellow triangles showing in Hamachi, but we fixed it by installing the network adapter drivers for Hamachi. We allowed Hamachi through both Windows and its antivirus software and firewall. We checkmarked all Java's to private, restarted the computer, reinstalled Hamachi multiple times and everything seems to be alright, but he still cannot connect to the Minecraft server. We are using the latest version of Minecraft which is 1.15.2.


Sep 14, 2019
So starting from the beginning. did you set your "SERVER IP" in to your ipv4 In the Hamachi?
And did you set your PORT in the
and are your friends typing the [IPV4 of hamachi]:[server port] into the Minecraft?

Test if you can ping your friends inside the Hamachi; right click them and click ping.
If the ping failed there's a high amount of chance that your connection is somehow blocked.
Otherwise It's mostly from your configuration issues. there are tons of Minecraft server configurations using Hamachi outside(like in YouTube)

If You're planning to play without mods/plugins follow these instructions:
Create a Hamachi network and ask your friends to join.(Make sure there isn't any yellow rectangle)
2-open the same version of Minecraft as your friends
3-Create a single player world
4- press ESC then click "Open To Lan"; your port is going to be written in the chat.
5-your game IP is going to be: [Hamachi IPV4]:[the port Minecraft gave you]
example: (random fake ip)
6- give your ip to your friends and ask them to Direct connect/Add server
7-They should join your world shortly