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Question Friend upgraded CPU (8100 -> 9600K), now his PC won't boot.


Mar 10, 2019
Hey guys,

I've been helping my friend with PC stuff for the past few weeks, when he messaged me about wanting to upgrade his CPU. Upon further investigation, he was running an i3 8100 with a 1060 6GB, which was getting significantly bottlenecked. I recommended he get a 9600K over swapping to AMD because it would save money and somewhat futureproof the system.

Yesterday, I got a message that he had switched the CPUs and his PC was bluescreening. I figured I'd have him take a picture/video, and to my surprise he was using his old box cooler from the 8100 on the new 9600K. Obviously, this would pose a touch of an issue with cooling, and I advised that he get a relatively cheap Hyper 212 Evo to alleviate said growing pains. Another day went by, he got the cooler, and after some shenanigans with his case, it's installed.

Now, to the current dilemma. His PC boots as far as components go, with all fans spinning. However, his peripherals and monitors don't show any signs of life, and there is no POST to read or BIOS to enter for troubleshooting. I thought it may be a power issue, and he sent over a list of specs including his PSU, which is a basic 80+ 500W unit from EVGA.

Here's the link to the PCPartPicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Jm4ctp

Any input on what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated, he's going to try a BIOS flash in the morning.


When it was blue screening, what exactly does he mean by that? Was it bsod'ing in Windows, or?

If motherboard requires a bios update which it might very well need, he would get no display. Some fans might spin, just no cpu support to make the motherboard function further.

If bluescreening means he was able to boot to Windows and then it crashed, I suggest he try clear cmos first. If that doesn't work, re-seat ram. If re-seating ram fails, put back the original cpu and inspect the socket for any bent pins.

If no socket pins are found and 8100 works as normal, update the bios and clear cmos afterwards so cmos is fully updated with new data from the latest bios firmware.