Question Friend's PC Build troubleshooting. Fans start, stutter, and stop. Power seems to be coming through.


Nov 15, 2015
Hi guys!

My name's Ben and I've been building PCs for around 6-8 years now and I've gotten pretty good at it. Here's the deal. A friend of mine got her parts, and naturally built her PC. However when booting up the system, although the motherboard lights up and receives power--when clicking the power button, every fan (except for the 2nd radiator fan on the AIO cooler) boots up for maybe half a second before all stopping and the PC going back to a static state where the motherboard is lit up but everything else is silent. We checked the CPU Placement, and cable connections, and despite me not being able to be there--she claims all of them seem to be flush and snug. These parts are all brand new from reputable sources and I sincerely have my doubts about being faulty. She used anti-static protection throughout the whole build, and we've tried ram troubleshooting with changed nothing as well. The only thing thats strange is the fans on this PC--there is a controller on the back and I'm not quite sure how it works. Clearly something is up with one of the fans for the AIO cooler and I'm not too sure what it is. The case is a NZXT H510i, with a EVGA 240 Cooler, and a EVGA 1660Ti GPU, as well as a i7-6700k CPU, and 16gb of Corsair Vengeance DDR4.

I really feel like it's some sort of connection or loose cable, but since I can't be there I'm not sure how to help. Does anyone have any ideas? It really seems like some minor issue as opposed to hardware failure-- then again, if I knew the answer I wouldn't be here asking. Thank you.


In addition to motherboard (and power supply while you're at it), I would also encourage you to see if your friend can post here directly as well. Both diagnosing and giving advice through a third party is going to be very difficult.
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