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Question Friends PC has restart loop

Jul 12, 2020
Hello, I've known pc components and how they work and how to build a pc. I recently built my friend his first PC:


ASRock Mobo
Ryzen 5 3600X,
RTX 2060,
16gb of ram,
Corsair H100x, and a
550w EVGA PSU,
Windows 10 Pro N installed via windows media tool.

After I completed the building I was going to install drivers and run a few Benchmarks(Passmark, Cinnebench 20). When I was satisfied with the results I shut everything down, let it sit for about 20 mins and then let it idle overnight. I come back the next morning and it had shut off sometime in the night. Now, whenever I boot the PC on it restarts itself after 2-5 mins of logging in. No Blue screen BTW.

I have not set up any XMP profiles or overclocked the CPU to anything, I let everything stay stock. So I thought it was a heating issue, It wasn't GPU fans were keeping it well below 30c and CPU was idling around 33-50c. So next I took one stick of ram out and tested it, same problem, different stick, same problem. So I ran Memtest 86, both sticks passed.

So next I thought it was the PSU so I swapped Power supplies, (I have a Corsair 850 and My PSU has been working for over 2 years) And when plugging it in I noticed the GPU cable wouldn't connect as I had to use my own GPU cable for my PC. so I plugged everything In and nothing happened, no lights, no fans, no display. Also, I used the same Power cable from the 550 if that makes a difference.

I have not tried jump-starting the PSU to see if that works or even my own PSU on his cables. I am at a loss, If anything would it be motherboard related, I know for a FACT that its not Heating or Ram. Does anyone else know how to fix this or has had similar problems?