Question From old x58 to ryzen


Aug 10, 2017

I’m slowly building my way to a Ryzen system.
Comming from a x58 build with a x5670 @4.2Ghz, I want to be somewhat sure of another bang for buck joy.
I know we will never see a 10 year power beast like x58 anymore but still... Bang for buck is always my way to go.
I have a deal in front of me.

MSI B350 gaming pro carbon 70$

Why Im looking at this board is because AM4 is on its final steps. 450s have not really any gain in performance and I doubt 550 will play a significant role.
Ryzen 3000 will be running on this board and I have a strong feeling that Ryzen 4000 will be on a new chipset.
So jumping on this Ryzen train can be real cheap now and still on the frontrow.

This board looks like a 370 without double gpu option. Good audio and intel lan and oc features.
Am I looking at this right?
I would never use double gpu so a xx70 board is not interesting for me.

Looking forward to you opinions.
Keep in mind that I don’t need the newest gimmicks. Why would I still rock a x58 otherwise.

Sidenote. I saw that a Ryzen 2700 has a single core score of 179 in CB ...My x5670 has the same score!?? Only the multiscore is close to a double. Is it me or is that somewhat disapointing?
First, you are wrong about 400 series chipset not having an advantage, MB's made around it are better for 2nd gen Ryzen. Memory and power boost handling is much better. 300 series chipset MBs also come with BIOS ready for 2nd gen Ryzen while 300 may not and would need to be upgraded.
Single core/thread programs and games are rapidly changing to multicore/thread so unless you are going to play some ancient games, you are better off.


Aug 10, 2017
I do want to thank you for your reply but no I’m not wrong.

If you have read my post you would assume I know a thing or two about oc.
Next I didn’t say there is no difference. I said It didn’t gain any “performance”.
That’s a fact because you can reach those performance with a manual oc as well.

I’ve looked up some of your posts and you claim to know the difference between x3xx and x4xx but you’re the one wrong here.

You might be confusing pb2 and pbo. The last one is a x4xx feature. The first one you CAN find on x3xx boards!.
Pbo just gives you a slight boost bump. Nothing special. The lower use in power on lower clocks is what is the most value thing here to be honest.

The fun part is this...

Beside it is a out of the box feature. Most don’t know it’s just a dummy “plug and play” oc tool. And AMD says this in the small letters:

“AMD also clarifies that PBO is pushing the processor beyond the rated specifications and is an overclock: and thus any damage incurred will not be protected by warranty”

I guess a manual (by myself) controlled oc would be my choice any day ;-)

Sorry to have to correct you on some facts and no a x4xx is not a performance gain more of an efficiency gain maybe. Certainly no bang for buck worthy component till this day

Again thanks for the reply.