From R9 270 to GTX 1070 ti with an FX-6300, will it matter?


May 7, 2014
I currently have an older set up that includes the FX-6300 and the R9 270, this my current set up below.

I don't game too much, but whenever I get the urge lately its games I can't play well on pc as I can on the xbox one x. Anyways, I'm due for an upgrade of CPU/motherboard/ram/GPU; that I know. Hopefully I'll be able to keep some of the other components and save on cost. Regardless, I think I'd end up with a GTX 1070 ti. I'd get that now, install it, and simply get the rest of the components during the next few months into the next year. My main concern is, despite the massive bottleneck of running a GTX 1070ti with an FX-6300, would there be any real benefit from my current set up? And if you're knowledgeable on the matter, what would this bottleneck be the equivalent to in performance [GPU wise] had I upgraded to a less powerful GPU to run it balanced. The games I currently play on PC is just warcraft, but I'd like to be able to play Fallout 4, and though wishful thinking, even if at lower resolutions, AC Origins and AC Odyssey.

Thank you.

P.S. Next year's component are not set in stone, but potentially a Ryzen 2600, 3000 [16GB] ram, an ssd to go along the hdd I have, and a different kind of motherboard that allows me to upgrade easier than the current one I have. I may or may not need to upgrade my PSU for the future build, but maybe its enough for now if I make that singular GPU upgrade.


Oh my goodness, a GTX1070Ti will ABSOLUTELY give you a HUGE performance jump coming from a R9 270.

If you're in the US, GTX1070Ti's go for about $360. You might also consider this GTX1070 for $310

What resolution/refresh rate is your monitor? I assume 1080p @ 60Hz? Assuming that (and no intent to upgrade to something like 1440p), a GTX1070 (non-Ti) would be perfectly suitable for a number of years.
If your gonna get that powerful of a graphics card go to
and enter your gpu your using / gonna get and what your current cpu is and it will tell you the bottleneck it will produce and what cpu will work the best with it