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Question From time to time FPS drops by about 10-20 and causes games to freeze for like 0.5 seconds.

Jun 30, 2020
I've been having this problem for a while now. As the title says i've been having small about 10-20 drops in fps while playing games and those drops make the games to freeze
usually for only 0.5 seconds or so and it's really noticeable. I've tried re-installing GPU and SSD drivers and i've tried tweaking CPU resources using AMD Ryzen Master.
At one point immediately after installing Samsung Drive Magician the drops were gone for a short time but then came back.
I've tried to monitor the processes happening but that hasn't helped either because to me I haven't noticed anything abnormal there. The temps in the Speccy pic are about the idle (some programs running in the background).
I would appreciate some tips about what I should try next. I can provide more pictures about HWmonitor for example if needed.