Sep 13, 2011
hi all long time no see i hav a big q here:
- my pc is : p4 3000\2m
-gpu :gf 9400gt 1g 128bit
-os :winxp sp3
-hdd : 500 g
-mb asrock g41
-all in leatest drivers
now a play a lot of games on it \tombraidr anneversary - coll of duty mw3-nfs and lots more \will i gain good result in upgraiding to win 7? cus i some tims have blue deth screen with no reason (i formated th pc many times i think its a softwre maby) is it raly good for games?i use dos box for older games plz advais and thanks in advanc
It's hard to say without knowing WHY you're getting these BSODs. If it’s a problem w/ Windows, Win7 might help. If it's the game, maybe not.

You could always try Win7 and find out. Any Win7 DVD/ISO will install w/o a key and be good for at least 30 days, and only then demand a key. So no need to speculate, just try it and see.