Question Front and side fan mounting


Nov 9, 2020
I just upgraded my 10 years old pc (i3 2340, Radeon HD 7750, 8GB DDR3) to a Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM setup. Using my old case, because it fits perfectly under my table. I can fit maximum 4 fans in it. 3x120mm (one in the front and two on the side) and a 90mm in the back. Managed to get my hands on 2 be quiet! Silent Wings 3s. One is a 2200rpm and the second one 1450rpm. Right now I mounted the 2200rpm one in the front. Idle temps are 46C for CPU and 32C for GPU.

Side fan mounts:
Upper one is right on top of the CPU cooler, fan fits perfectly.
Lower one is just under, GPU may get in the way a little, haven't tried, but looks tight.

I have a corner workdest and the only place I can put the PC leaves max. 7cm clearence on the fan side.

Question is simple. How should I configure the fans?

Should I make the front exhaust and the side as the intake to blow cool air straight to the CPU?
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