Question Front case fans connection/Fan controller

Jan 15, 2021
Greetings, I have a question to what would be the best solution to this.

I have a Phanteks
ECLIPSE P400S TEMPERED GLASS Case. The case came with an installed fan in front with a 3-pin connector. I recently installed 2 more fans in front (ARCTIC Fan BioniX F120).
Those 2 new fans come with a split wire that goes into a 4-pin and/or a 3-pin

My issue is that the case itself has, like, a mini controller on top of it with 3 buttons. Restart, RGB change and FAN Controller. That FAN Controller button splits the wire into these 2-pin connections.
So now if I connect all of the fans to those connectors for the controller on top of my case, I am then left with only one of those 2-pins that basically goes nowhere.

Do I need some sort of an adapter for those 3 fans? I can't connect all three onto the motherboard because the cable is too short.
Do I need a Y Molex splitter so I can connect them to the PSU or is the power from the motherboard enough?
I DO NOT need the fan controller on my case to work. The fans are more than enough BUT if You've got a solution for that as well for what I should buy, that'll be great!

Many thanks.
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