Question Front fans twitching & starting slow or not at all

Apr 17, 2021

I recently build a new PC (specs below):

Case: Phantek P360A
PSU: Coolermaster 750w 80+ Gold
Motherboard: MSI b550 Gaming Plus
CPU: Ryzen 3700x
Ram: 2x Corsair Vengeance 8gb 3600 mhz
Cooler: MSI core liquid 240r
GPU: Gigabyte 1050ti (can't get a new one atm :-D)

Everything seems to work fine but for w/e reason the front fans take ages to start spinning, but now it comes to the point they don't spin at all. I have them connected to SYS fan 1 & 3 (all three are phantek sk120's) . The extra fan I purchased works fine its connected to sys fan 2. The two front fans which are connected to SYS fan 1 & 3 are a pain, they work but sometimes takes between 10-30 seconds to start spinning they are responsive in MSI dragon center though. I had them connected to different SYS fans to see if it might of been a motherboard issue but the same issue occurs and the extra fan I've purchased works fine on all connections.

I thought it could of been a fan related issue but right now SYS fan 1 isn't spinning but the moment I do fan tune in MSI dragon center it starts spinning (will stop the moment fan tune is done though) it also recognises that there are fans connected it just won't spin or it will be stuck on twitching..

Anybody have any suggestions?

edit: I opened the sidepanel and gave the fan (sys fan 3 in this case) a little spin with my finger and somehow it stopped twitching and started working, but the RGB on my liquid cooler went off for about 30 seconds but it did turn back on. Its working now but I already know the moment I restart I will encounter the same issue..