Question Front mounted AIO fans plus front case fans question


Sep 9, 2013
Hello! I'm putting together a system for the first time in a while, also first time using an AIO. I'm pairing an Arctic Liquid Freeze II 280 with a Corsair 4000D case. I've looked around and found that mounting that thickness of a radiator up top isn't feasible so I'll be mounting it to the front.

On the case itself I'll have 3 aftermarket fans, my hope is to have the AIO on the top-front of the case and the 3rd front bottom fan will be open to flow over the GPU.

My question is, is it ok to have the front intake case fans blowing on/through the radiator and the AIO fans pulling into the case on the other side? I understand it should be fine, I just wonder how inefficient so many fans in such a small space is going to be.



Its best to not double up with different model fans on an AIO.
At best, the "rear" fans would simply be wasted as the front fans do all the work.
At worst, the AIO fans are better than the case fans, and end up obstructed more than helped by the case fans.

You can try it both ways, but Id personally move the two case fans out of the way, and use them elsewhere.