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Question Front panel audio jack doesn't work properly.

May 19, 2020
I built a pc this week but I have a problem with my front panel audio jack, when I plug my headphones I only get sound from one side and when I plug it out and back in it a couple of times it gets back to normal also when I plug it in like a halfway it gets fixed. I checked my motherboard replugged the audio cable, updated the drivers, the headphone works fine on another pc, audio jack from the motherboard works fine. I think it's a hardware problem. Anyone knows how to fix this?


Jan 24, 2011
Try cleaning the port with the psu turned off. This clearly sounds like one of the poles on your headphone connector are not contacting the port correctly. I would try finding a way to swab some rubbing alcohol inside the port and let it dry before turning the psu back on.

O just use the back port or use bluetooth headphones. I didn't even bother connecting my front ports on my new build due to the worst placement of and audio header i have ever seen.


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