Jan 19, 2008
I decided to use my old Compaq micro ATX case (I just like the case. I don't know why. I did re-badge as Bobpaq, of course) for the home for some new hardware as follows:

Asus M3N78-VM micro ATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon x2 7750 CPU
4 GB (2x2gb) Gskill DDR2 PC2 800
Western Digital 160GB SATA HDD
Ultra 500 watt power supply

For the present I am using the on board audio and graphics. I chose this mobo because of it's potential for future upgrades. (According to Asus it is compatible with Phennom II and does Hybrid SLI GeBoost) It will allow me to start cheap and build on later. (BTW, why PC2 800 instead of 1066? I purchased the 4GB for about what 2GB of 1066 would cost and plan to upgrade later.)

Anyway, The front panel bundle connects to the motherboard via a 20 pin connector and I noticed that the wires entering the connector do not line up with the pins on the board. I assume my only option is to pull them out and reposition to the slots where the mother board manual says they belong....however... as I do not have a manual for the case and the bundle enters the rear of the front panel assembly how do I tell which wire goes to what? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Any catcalls will be graded as to content, originality and grammar. Thanks