Front panel LED etc


Dec 7, 2011

ive recently installed the P8Z68 V PRO and there doesnt seem to be enough sockets for the front I/O connector, i have a 2 pin pwr LED & 3 pin pwr LED, i used to have a blue LED on the front but it isnt working, i have put all the cables in the correct order as per the user guide but still have one PWR LED lose with no where for it to go?


I can't understand why does your case have two Power LED options, unless both of them are for the same LED. Since in earlier mobos, the LED for power had a 3 PIN width but used only the 2 furthermost contacts and he middle one was empty, and, nowadays they have a 2PIN width and use both the contacts.
How many LEDs do you have on the FP? What case are you using?
For the LED that isn't working, is it's cable connected to the FP header? if so, just reverse the contact. Positive & Negative of the Cable.