Question Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Stops Recognizing Devices After Rebooting


Aug 7, 2007
Yesterday, I noticed that one of my two front panel USB 3.0 ports stopped recognizing devices. Power is there, plug in a drive and it is not recognized. The port next to it works fine.

After much internet researched, it was recommended to uninstall the driver in Device Manager, so I uninstalled USB 3.0 Root Hub. The port started working after that, however, it ran at USB 2.0 speeds, with transfer speeds of 13-18MB/s.

I assumed that Windows installed a generic driver and so I went to the X10DRi motherboard chipset installer and ran that again. That took 20 minutes to complete, but the ports were both working at 500MB/s again and I could transfer files quickly.

Today, I restarted that PC and come to find out that the right hand USB 3.0 port is again not recognizing devices. Power okay, but device not recognized.

I wanted to try disabling and reenabling the port, but there's only uninstall and install and update options for USB 3.0 Root Hub. I don't want to go through a 20 minute chipset driver installation every time I boot my PC just to use the right hand USB 3.0 Port.

How can I fix this so it will stay working between reboots?

Supermicro X10DRi motherboard


The problem alternates between left and right hand ports. Seems that sometimes when I scan for hardware changes in Device Manager, the left port starts working, other times, the right port starts working. But I cannot get both to work simultaneously!
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