Question Front speakers sound muffled / electronic / under water in 4 speaker setup

Sep 15, 2019
Dear all,

I have a surround sound system with two front speakers and two surround speakers. The front speakers sound muffled / electronic / underwater (hard to describe exactly). The two surround speakers sound perfectly fine.

When I change the sound channel in the Xonar Driver from 2 channels to 6 channels, the surround sound is lost but the two front pannels work perfectly fine.

I have a Xonar D1 Audio Card that is connected to my Sony STR-DH520 receiver via an optical cable.

Specifications and settings:
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Asus Xonar D1 audio card. Driver version
  • In driver panel SPDIF out is selected with Dolby Digital Live. 2 Channels selected as sound channel
  • Windows 10 has "Speakers (Asus Xonar D1 Audio Device)" selected as output device
  • Sony STR-DH520 Multi Channel A/V Receiver. Speaker pattern is 2/2 (two front two surround).
  • Receiver panels show L/R and SL/SR speakers. Also shown is "LFE", "Opt" and the Dolby Digital logo with a 'D' behind it.
  • "A.F.D. AUTO" is selected as Sound Field. Although with "2 Channel Stereo" you can hear the imperfections in the front speakers even better.
Things I already tried:
  • reïnstalling ASUS Xonar D1 driver
  • resetting receiver to factory settings
  • rewiring the speakers
  • changing speaker pattern
  • changing sound field
  • changing speaker size of surround speakers (front speaker size can't be changed. Possibly because of sound field?)
I'm stuck here with my limited knowledge. Could anybody help me how to fix this?