Question front usb control replacement recommendation


Oct 21, 2012
Hi guys, my front usb on my tower is always going out on me and i'd like to replace it. Preferably with a memory card read but its ok if it doesn't. The tower i have is Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced . Also not too hard to install since i have not installed a control panel before. Thank you
You cant really replace the Front Panel IO on towers, you would need to get a replacement part from coolermaster which given that's an older case I doubt they have. What you do have is a bunch of 5.25 inch expansion bays. Just go on Newegg, Amazon, etc and search for "5.25 expansion card reader" and you'll have a bunch of options. How they hook up to your motherboard can vary, most will hijack the USB headers or some can be used in conjunction with a internal USB port. PCIe Expansion cards exist that can add more headers such as this or others have internal USB ports.

Here is a 5.25inch expansion reader for example

Again lots of options out there and they vary on what they come with as far as readers, ports fan controllers etc.
Oh yeah that one is perfect. So i could just install this in one of the empty bays and wouldn't have to mess with the top part then? That would be great
Nope, you will have to swap out the cables for the USB 2 and USB3 headers or as I said about buy an PCIe Expansion card to add more headers.

Something like this to add another USB3.0 header

Something like this for more USB2.0 Headers This is more like a hub for your mobo USB 2.0 header.