Frustrated with my AMD X2 6000+ Brisbane


Aug 19, 2011

I bought an AMD 6000+ Brisbane a while ago. Probably a year or two. I'm not exactly sure how long my problem has been going on but it's been a while. A lot longer than I should have probably let it go on, but yeah.... budget and all that.

So, my CPU has a huge overheating problem. At times when I'm gaming, or just when the temperature in my room rises and I try to watch videos on Youtube and such, the CPU will get so hot that it shuts my computer off totally. This especially happens while I'm gaming. It doesn't bring up a BSOD or a shut down window, it just immediately kills power completely.

Before I narrowed down the problem to my CPU, I tried a few things to see if it was an overall heating issue.

-Replaced my case with a cooler master HAF 922
-Bought a new video card (I originally thought my PNY verto 9600 GT was the cause of the problem) New one is a GTX 460
-Rewired system in new case and used cable management system to create room for air flow
-cleaned the case after it got dusty. It's pretty much perfectly clean right now.

I'll play a game to test the temps under high load and the reading tells me that it's around 100 degrees Celsius! But the weird thing is, I can touch the heatsink and it doesn't feel very hot. Warm, yes, but not that hot.

When I kill the game however, it drops to 59c within one second. I'm not kidding. I mean literally 1 second.

Anyone help?



Sounds like a bad paste or something went wrong in the HSF installation process part.
Pretty much it. And check the cooler, make sure it is firmly installed.

I had a problem myself of constant system freezing due to a non-brand thermal paste, which I rapidly solved after I bought a syringe of Arctic Silver Céramique 2. After that it went all bananas. My CPU is slightly OC'ed to 2.99 and stays @ 36-39ºC on idle, 60ºC tops on full load.

Best regards.